XMU throws new year’s dance party to ring in 2018

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On the evening of December 31, the 2018 “Youth Night” dance party kicked off at the Jiageng Square of Siming Campus. It was hosted by the Youth League Committee, Students’ Union and Postgraduate Association of XMU and co-organized by XMU Students' Association Union and Arts Troupe. This new year’s eve dance party was an ebullient festivity where throngs of teachers and students gathered at the bank of Furong Lake to ring in 2018.


The party is composed of five chapters, including “Forget not your true calling”, “Chase your dreams”, “Prime of life”, “Look back to yesterday” and “Hello, 2018”. The music bands, dance squads and martial arts teams took the stage one after another, igniting the atmosphere of the party.Moreover, the amazing performances of XMU teachers also sparked waves of applause and cheers.


Meanwhile, the party was interspersed with group dance sessions. The on-site coaching galvanized everybody to join in the fun of dancing, which greatly shortened the distance between the teachers and students at the scene. The fervor of the dancing revelers glowed just like a ball of fire, warming up the otherwise slightly chilly night. The “KTV for All” further ignited everyone’s passion. The dance and music perfectly mingled with each other, creating such a special gala customized for XMUers. Better still, students on behalf of their separate XMU colleges stepped onto the stage in turn and extended their new year's greetings in their unique ways. The blessing video played on the large screen also conveyed XMU students’ splendid new year’s resolutions.


As all the audience and working staff counted down from ten to one, the bell rang, announcing the beginning of 2018. At this, the crowd burst into thunderous cheers, sending greetings and blessings to one another. President Zhang Rong delivered a new year speech on behalf of the Party Committee and administrative staff of XMU. Afterwards, all the people high-fived each other while shouting and cheering, bidding farewell to the old days and ushering in the new year.

Edited by Fu Chenyun & Gao Huaxue

Source: http://news.xmu.edu.cn/f3/15/c1552a324373/page.htm