Semiconductor Development Strategy Seminar takes place in XMU

Posted: 2017-12-30   Visits: 121

From December 15 to 17, the Semiconductor Development Strategy Seminar, which was jointly hosted by XMU and Xiamen Changelight Co., Ltd., was held at XMU. The event invited over 200 experts, scholars and industry insiders from across the Straits to discuss the strategies for the development of semiconductor disciplines and explore ways to ramp up China’s semiconductor technology and industry.


Present at the seminar were such a formidable lineup of academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) including Prof. Wang Qiming, Prof. Chu Junhao, Prof. Wang Lijun, Prof. Liu Ming, and Prof. Yang Deren. Also attending were Zhao Yuhai, former director general of the Department of High-tech Development and Industrialization of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST), Cao Guoying, deputy director general of the Department of High-tech Development and Industrialization of MST, Zhang Rong,  president of XMU, as well as the renowned experts from MST,CAS, Tsinghua University, Peking University and Nanjing University, etc. Prof. Kang Junyong of XMU Physics Department presided over the seminar.

XMU President Zhang Rong delivered a speech at the seminar. He quoted Xi Jinping, general secretary of CPC, as saying in a report at the 19th CPC National Congress that “Innovation is the primary driving force for development”. A new era calls for a new development. When products made in China go global, innovation is indispensable, especially in some key areas. Therefore, speeding up the training of microelectronics and photoelectron talent is to, on the one hand, meet the urgent demand of China’s innovation-driven development strategy, and on the other, to support and keep China on top of the game in the global economy.


This seminar is a high-level summit in China spanning across the fields of production, education and research, which has fully manifested the potential in the cooperation between universities and enterprises, laid out the objective of the new era to develop the third generation semiconductor, and has brought unprecedented opportunities for the growth of XMU semiconductor disciplines.

Edited by: Ye Zihan