XMU Wraps Up 2023 Sports Meeting

Posted: 2023-11-13   Visits: 10

On 3 November, XMU kicked off its 58th Student Sports Meeting, the 21st Faculty Sports Meeting, and the 32nd Elderly Sports and Fitness Meeting at its Siming and Xiang’an Campuses.

In the March-in Ceremony, athletes from different schools paraded into the stadium at an orderly pace exuding vitality with their heads held high. The ceremony featured a series of impressive performances, including Baduanjin, martial arts displays, flag dances, cheerleading, and fitness exercises, offering numerous thrilling moments.

During the two-day sports meeting, athletes demonstrated the essence of sportsmanship with their passion and striving spirit. After rounds of fierce contests, the School of Economics and the School of Medicine respectively captured team championships in Siming and Xiang’an Campus. Athletes from the Faculty Sports Meeting and the Elderly Sports and Fitness Meeting also delivered outstanding performances, achieving remarkable results. Notably, several records were broken during the sports meeting, including the women’s postgraduate 100m hurdles (non-standard hurdles), the women’s youth 800m and 400m, and the men’s postgraduate 1500m and 5000m race records.