2023 UCMSR Summer Program – Preserving the Maritime Cultural Heritage

Posted: 2023-08-10   Visits: 10

To raise students’ awareness of preserving the Maritime Cultural Heritage (MCH), cultivate potential talents of research and preservation, and promote cooperation among UCMSR members in preserving MCH, the University Consortium of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (UCMSR) organized the 2023 Summer Program from July 24 to August 5, themed “Preserving Maritime Cultural Heritage”.


In this summer program, experts both domestic and international were invited. The experts came from organizations such as the World Heritage Training and Research Center for the Asia and the Pacific region under the auspices of UNESCO, the National Research Council of Italy, the National University of Singapore, Newcastle University, and Xiamen University. Additionally, 34 students from member universities of UCSMR participated in this program, representing Canada, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and China.


The program aims to provide students with an immersive learning platform. The activities consist of guest lectures, cultural exhibitions, as well as field trips. Led by renowned scholars, each lecture explores a specific theme and its related issues. The cultural exhibition series showcases traditional Chinese culture and art, enabling students to experience the essence of Chinese culture. The field trips cover various aspects of Fujian's urban and rural landscapes, along with its rich and diverse cultural heritage. This approach provides students with a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and immersion into local life, enriching their understanding of the region's culture and heritage.

During their field trip, the experts and students went to Quanzhou and Nanjing Tulou. They visited several world cultural heritage sites and ancient villages: The Tianluokeng Tulou cluster, Hegui Lou, Huaiyuan Lou, Meilin Village, and Qujiang Village. They also learned about intangible cultural heritage such as rice wine making and traditional Chinese puppetry. This allowed both teachers and students to gain a deeper understanding of local culture, fostering the preservation of maritime cultural heritage.

Participants shared their feedback and considered the 2023 UCMSR Summer Program a unique experience for enhancing cross-cultural exchanges and gaining profound insights from each other.