XMU-Developed “Bendong” Rockets Successful Launched

Posted: 2023-06-20   Visits: 11

Two rockets developed by Xiamen University, Bendong-1 and Bendong-2, were successfully launched in the Yuli Test Site in Xinjiang, China. The series of rockets is named in tribute to Mr. Pen-tung Sah, the former president of Xiamen University, for his outstanding contributions to the university’s development.


These two rockets were collaboratively developed by Xiamen University and Space Transportation (Beijing Lingkong Tianxing Technology Co., Ltd.) as part of the “Aeronautical Patriotism” rocket research and development practice course, which began in October 2022. Aimed at cultivating interdisciplinary talents, the course included more than 20 undergraduate and graduate students from the School of Aerospace Engineering, College of Physical Science and Technology, School of Electronic Science and Engineering, College of Energy, and School of Information. These students were organized into eight teams responsible for different aspects of the project: overall design, aerodynamics, structures, control, electrical engineering, software, testing, and search. With their active involvement in the entire process of rocket development and launch, the course exemplifies Xiamen University's attempt to foster innovative talents and integrate industry, education, and research.


Professor Zhang Rong, XMU Party Secretary, was present at the site to guide the launch mission. He emphasized the significance of this course in inheriting the university's patriotic, revolutionary, and scientific ethos as well as its fine spirit of pursuing excellence. He also highlighted the university's focus on addressing key technological challenges and nurturing innovative talents, with the aim of establishing Xiamen University as a world-class institution that remains at the forefront of advancements.


From the pioneering Jiageng research vessel to the jointly developed Jiageng-1 rocket, the Haisi series of satellites, and now the Bendong series rockets, Xiamen University continues to achieve remarkable breakthroughs in key technologies. Committed to meeting the country's critical needs, Xiamen University always advances with enthusiasm, constantly surpassing itself on its journey of exploration in the sky and sea.