Three Professors Granted the Nanqiang Outstanding Contribution Award

Posted: 2023-04-18   Visits: 13

On 6 April 2023, XMU held the 102nd Anniversary Ceremony. Three professors were granted the Nanqiang Outstanding Contribution Award, which was bestowed annually to those who made great contributions to the development of XMU. The award winners this year are Professor Chen Zhenming from School of Public Affairs and Public Policy, Professor Sun Shigang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, from College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Professor Dai Minhan, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, from College of Ocean and Earth Sciences.


Professor Chen Zhenming is a renowned public management scholar. His aspiration is to understand and interpret the realm of public life, influence and change the world of public governance. He is dedicated to research in the fields of public management and public policy and is a pioneer in localizing Western policy science in China. He has been awarded the Fudan Management Outstanding Contribution Award. He seeks truth from facts, explores innovation, and values practical applications of academic research, contributing to the modernization of governance at the national and local levels. Research has become a way of life, which is a true reflection of his diligent work and pursuit of excellence.


Professor Sun Shigang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a renowned physical chemist. He has long been committed to research in the fields of electrocatalysis, spectroelectrochemistry, and energy electrochemistry. He is dedicated to his studies, pursues excellence, and has achieved a series of pioneering innovative results. He is committed to serving the country and has led the construction of the world's first infrared free electron laser scientific device for energy chemistry research. He has also led the reorganization of the National Engineering Research Center for High-end Electronic Chemicals, making important contributions to the development of electrochemical science and technology in China. He has taught and mentored students for 36 years, and has been the main lecturer for the undergraduate course Physical Chemistry. He has spared no effort in cultivating academic talents, fostering a large number of young scientific and technological innovative talents.


Professor Dai Minhan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a renowned marine chemist. He has made significant contributions to the frontiers of marine biogeochemistry, with extensive influence in international ocean carbon cycling and related areas. He has devoted himself to scientific research and served the construction of a marine power and ecological civilization, providing strong technological support for the dual carbon goal and sustainable marine development. Gathering talents, daring to innovate, and forward-looking layout, he has led the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science in the development into an outstanding national platform, pushing Xiamen University's marine discipline to a new height. With a broad outlook towards the world and dedicated efforts in education, he has taken the lead in building an international talent cultivation system for marine disciplines.