XMU Holds Events to Celebrate the 2022 Dragon Boat Festival

Posted: 2022-06-07   Visits: 43

During the Dragon Boat Festival, themed events were staged both online and offline in three campuses of Xiamen University (Siming Campus, Xiang’an Campus and Zhangzhou Campus) to celebrate the special occasion. Various activities including folk customs experiencing, poems recitation, artistic performance and academic lectures aimed to help both faculty and students to deepen the understanding of the traditional culture.

On the morning of June 3, the events kicked off with an opening ceremony taking place at the Sanjia Village Students’ Square, Siming Campus. Subsequently, the activities of experiencing folk traditions were held simultaneously in the three campuses.


The various folk traditions with distinctive features have provided the faculty and students with opportunity to appreciate the cultural charms of the festival. Among those activities were making zongzi, bouquets with wormwood and perfume satchels with herbs, playing dragon-boating on the ground and so forth.

On that evening, a poem salon was held in Xiang’an Campus. Crowds of audience gathered at the Students’ Square, together with tens of thousands online viewers, to watch the show. Teachers and students recited classic Chinese poems and lyric articles to exhibit the rich culture of the Dragon Boat Festival, inviting the audience to echo with the strong patriotism between the lines.


To enrich the academic atmosphere during the holiday, the university also organized a series of lectures on general knowledge from June 3 to 5, presenting thoughtful, informative, and interesting knowledge to students.


Starting from 2019, XMU’s themed events on traditional Chinese festivals and cultures have come a long way in championing traditional culture and launching new forms of activities beloved by the faculty and students.