[Nature Communications]Carbonized Paramagnetic Complexes of Mn (II) as Contrast Agents for Precise Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Sub-millimeter-sized Orthotopic Tumors

Posted: 2022-04-25   Visits: 104

Abstract: Paramagnetic complexes containing gadolinium ions have been widely used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in clinic. However, these paramagnetic complexes pose some safety concerns. There is still a demand for the development of stable MRI contrast agents that exhibit higher sensitivity and superior functionality to existing contrast agents. Here, we develop carbonized paramagnetic complexes of manganese (II) (Mn@CCs) to encapsulate Mn2+ in sealed carbonized shells with superhigh r1 relaxivity. Compared to the most common clinical contrast agent Magnevist, investigations in vivo demonstrate that the Mn@CCs cross the intact blood-brain barrier of normal health mice with minor metal deposition; preferentially target the glioma tissues distribute homogeneously with high penetration in an intracranial mouse model; delineate clear tumor margins in MRIs of ultrasmall single-nodule brain tumors, and multi-nodular liver tumors. The sensitivity, accuracy and low toxicity offer by Mn@CCs provides new opportunities for early molecular diagnostics and imaging-guided biomedical applications.