XMU Holds the 7th International Conference on Biomass Energy

Posted: 2022-04-22   Visits: 162

Developing clean energy and new energy technology as the substitute for traditional fossil energy is one of the important solutions to climate change and energy crisis. On 8 April, the 7th International Conference on Biomass Energy was held. Co-organized by Biomass Energy Committee, Chinese Renewable Energy Society (BEC CRES), Technology Innovation Alliance for Biomass Energy and Xiamen University, the conference focused on “the realization of carbon neutrality by biomass energy”.


Participants of the conference includes Professor Ma Longlong, President of BEC CRES, Professor Xiaotao Bi, Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, and Professor Lin Lu from XMU. Over 800 representatives from more than ten countries including China, the United States, Canada, Japan and Singapore, and the online views exceeded 15 thousand.


Guests speaking on the opening ceremony were professor Tan Tianwei, President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology and member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Ma Longlong, Professor Sun Yongming, Secretary General of Technology Innovation Alliance for Biomass Energy, and Jiang Yunbao, Vice President of Xiamen University.


The conference fulfilled its role as a platform for scientific and technological communication where discussions about the development of biomass energy technologies and of relevant industries were held and current tech development and research achievements of biomass were exhibited. Outcomes of the conference includes 25 keynote speeches, 33 invitation reports from sub-sessions, 30 presentations and 65 posters.