[Physical Review Letters] Invisible Gateway by Superscattering Effect of Metamaterials

Posted: 2021-06-08   Visits: 10

Abstract: Illusion devices, such as superscatterer and invisible gateway, have been theoretically studied under the theory of transformation optics and folded geometry transformations. The realization of these devices needs building blocks of metamaterials with negative permittivities and permeabilities. However, superscattering effects, such as stopping wave propagation in an air channel, have not been verified from illusion devices physically because of the challenge of metamaterial design, fabrication, and material loss. In this Letter, we implement a big metamaterial superscatterer, and experimentally demonstrate its superscattering effect at microwave frequencies by field-mapping technology. We confirm that superscattering is originated from the excitation of surface plasmons. Integrated with superscatterer, we experimentally display that an invisible gateway could stop electromagnetic waves in an air channel with a width much larger than the cutoff width of the corresponding rectangular waveguide. Our results provide a first direct observation of superscattering effect of double negative metamaterials and invisible gateway for electromagnetic waves. It builds up an ideal platform for future designs of other illusion devices.