XMU Students Won the Undergraduate 2nd Runner Up and Gold Medal in iGEM 2020

Posted: 2020-11-30   Visits: 402

The 2020 International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) came to a successful end on 23 November 2020. Because of the pandemic, the iGEM competition-Giant Jamboree was held online this year, which attracts 256 teams to participate from all over the world.

The Award Ceremony was held on 22and 23 November 2020. The team of Xiamen University, XMU-China, won the gold medal once again. More excitingly, they won the second runner-up with 3 awards and 2 nominations (Best Food & Nutrition Project, Best Presentation, Best Part Collection, Best New Basic Part Nomination, and Best Wiki Nomination).

Team XMU-China consists of around 20 undergraduates from various colleges, including the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, College of Materials, School of Life Sciences, School of Informatics, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Public Health, College of Energy, Art College, and School of Electronic Science and Engineering. Guided by Prof. Fang Baishan from the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the team proposed the project “AnTea-Glyphosate”, which utilized synthetic biology to develop an efficient detection and degradation method on a frequently used herbicide, glyphosate, in tea and tea products. The project was started in July 2020, the team members worked day and night and showed the world with an innovative project. They also won the tenth gold medal and reached the best competition record in a decade of participating in the iGEM Competition.

Founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the iGEM Competition is the top international competition in the field of synthetic biology. The teams need to use standard Biobricks to build genetic circuits, establish an effective mathematical model, realize the delicate and complicated Artificial Biosystem prediction, control, and measurement, as well as to complete the tasks by doing social research, field practice, and poster presentations.