XMU Team Once Again Reaps Top Award in CUPT

Posted: 2020-10-18   Visits: 10


On October 16, the 11th China Undergraduate Physics Tournament (CUPT) was held online at Zhejiang University. After heated competition, the Xiamen University Team finally stood out from 63 teams from 62 universities and ranked among the top ten, winning the First Prize again.


The China Undergraduate Physics Tournament  is one of the most important university innovation competitions for college students to implement the Outline of the National Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development and the Outline of the National Education Medium- and Long-term Development. The Xiamen University Team has repeatedly raked in big wins since its participation in 2015.


In recent years, the College of Physical Science and Technology has used the academic competition as a vehicle to hone students’ innovation skills. Meanwhile, the college has built teams of teachers and engineers to offer guidance to the particpating students, optimized the competition mode and incorporated it into the training progams of students’ innovation skills. In addition, innovative experimental physics courses have been offered, XMU Physics Tournament (preliminary and final rounds) held twice a year, and excellent students picked out for the CUPT regionals and nationals. At present, the CUPT training system has become one of the entry-level training programs unique of the Department of Physics and is open to all students of the university. Up to now, this tournament has attracted an increasingly number of XMU students across the university from a wide variety of science and engineering majors including physics, astronomy, electronics, aeronautics, electromechanics, power engineering, applied mathematics, chemistry, materials, biology, etc.