Closing Procedures and Departure

Posted: 2019-04-30   Visits: 478

Students who have to leave the university for health reasons or for other reasons should observe the departure regulations and return to the university within agreed time.

ⅰ. Short-term leave (within 30 days): Students should ask the college for a leave in advance and cannot leave without the consent of the college

ⅱ. Long-term leave (30 days and above): Students should apply to the college and university offices (the Dean’s Office, Graduate School and OSAO) before leaving and cannot leave without any consent granted by the university offices.

ⅲ.  Stay at or leave the university during summer and winter holidays: Students should report to the college in advance and keep in touch with the college.


Overseas students who have to leave the university for transferring schools, suspending schooling, graduating and completing studies must report to the instructors of the college and complete departure procedures. They should settle accounts, return appropriate materials, including library books and ID cards, pick up diplomas/certificates and transcripts. Students should report to the college in advance if they cannot attend the commencement ceremony. If a student leaves the university on his/her own accord, without completing departure procedures, the university will not recognize his/her educational history at the university and will not provide any certificate of study, transcript or diploma and will inform the Public Security Bureau to cancel his/her Residence Permit. Once found residing illegally in China, he/she will be detained and deported by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with relevant laws.

Overseas students should enter or leave the country within the period of validity of their residence permits. They should consult OSAO about the validity of certificates 15 days before departure and make timely changes if needed.

When carrying or sending items out of the country, students must abide by China’s customs regulations. All textbooks, teaching materials, information, overseas students’ own notes, academic audio cassettes, videos and photographs may be carried or sent out of the country. Among these items, informal publications and information may pass customs inspection with the warrant of certification from the university.

Scholarship students who have to leave the university for health reasons or other reasons should report and apply to OSAO (or email to 15 days before their departure. Students are not supposed to leave without any consent granted by OSAO, or their scholarship will be deprived.