Activities and Securities

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Ⅰ. Extracurricular Activities

A)Overseas students may participate in activities organized by the student unions and student societies of the university, and all extracurricular athletic sports and art performances. They may also participate in activities held at important Chinese festivals if they like. We encourage overseas students to engage in normal friendly interaction with Chinese teachers, students and citizens.

B)The university respects the religious belief of overseas students. Students should abide by Chinese laws and regulations and all religious activities should be carried out in legally registered sites. Students are strictly forbidden to carry out religious activities at the university.

Ⅱ. Security Regulations

A) Students are strictly forbidden to swim in the lakes, reservoirs and the sea.

B) Keep away from construction sites. No trips to the remote areas around the campus. It’s advisable that students take good care of their belongings and personal security when traveling in the local community.

C) Abide by the traffic and relevant transportation regulations. No use of local motorcycles or other transportation without business licenses.

d) The professor or instructor in charge must ensure overseas students’ personal security when arranging academic practice or class outing and should participate if necessary. Those events which would take students at risk should not be allowed.

e) Overseas students shall get permission from their instructor for group activities out of campus.

f) Overseas students who wish to be absent from the Campus for more than 24 hours or stay overnight elsewhere shall personally ask for a leave from their college instructors.

g) Before leaving the apartment for holiday, be sure to leave your belongings in a safe place, lock the windows and doors properly, pull off all plugs and turn off all water taps. When traveling, please take good care of your belongings and security.