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Ⅰ. On-campus Accommodation

ⅰ. Regulations:

a) Overseas students should obey the arrangements of dormitory managers and abide by dormitory regulations; without permission students may not change their rooms, rent their rooms, or accommodate other persons.

b) Pay the accommodation fees on time. When returning the room, inform the administrators in advance, go through the formalities and count the bedding.

c) Keep the dormitory inside & outside clean and tidy; scribbling and posting on the dormitory walls are not allowed; Fighting, yelling, excessive drinking, keeping animals or pets and setting off firecrackers are forbidden; throwing garbage, such as wine bottles, fruit skins, waste products out of the window or in the corridor is forbidden.

d) Save on water; be careful when you use the electricity. Using electric stoves is not allowed, or the electric stove will be confiscated. Those who are caught with electric stoves repeatedly will be fined, and the student shall be held responsible for any fire accidents due to his/her negligence.

e) Keep the dormitory (including the terrace on the top floor) quiet. The sound of TV, music as well as other entertainment activities should not be too loud in order to avoid disturbing other students.

f) To protect against theft, lock the door of your dormitory when leaving the room, safeguard your valuables and deposit any large sums of money in the bank. Before leaving the apartment for holiday, be sure to leave your belongings in a safe place, lock the windows and doors properly, pull off all plugs and turn off all water taps. When traveling, please take good care of your belongings and security.

g) Observing regulations on receiving visitors

Visitors to the dormitory should show their ID cards to the dormitory staff, and complete the Visitor Registration Form for each visit.

Students should receive visitors in the public areas in the lobby. If the visitors are relatives of a student, staff from embassies or consulates, or representatives of the student’s home university or agency, or have other special reasons, they may be received in the student’s dormitory room.

Visitors may not stay overnight in student dormitories, and must leave the University before 22:00.

ⅱ. Responsible Bodies

a) Housing Office, Student Affairs Office of Xiamen University (Accommodation Arrangement and Management on Main Campus)

Address: Qinye 6 Office, Siming Campus

Tel: 2182381


b) Reception Desk, Caiqingjie Building, Xiamen University

Address: 2nd Floor, Caiqingjie Building, Siming Campus

Tel: 2180501

c) Housing Office, Xiang’an Campus (Accommodation Arrangement and Management on Xiang’an Campus)

Address: Corridor between Duxing 9 and Duing 10, Xiang’an Campus

Tel: 2886251

Ⅱ. Off-campus Accommodation

International students can also live off-campus and should abide by Chinese laws during their stay outside of campus.

ⅰ. Regulations

Those who live off-campus should observe the laws and regulations laid down by the national and local governments; should respect Chinese customs; should respond all requests of the local police station & residence committee. They should not do anything that damages the fame of the University, or they will bear all the responsibilities resulting from their bad behavior.

Those who live off-campus should not work or do any businesses.

The staff of the Overseas Student Affairs Office and the teachers who are in charge of the students’ class will irregularly visit or call students living off-campus, to which the students living off-campus should show their cooperation and understanding.

Students should bear all the responsibilities arising from civil disputes that take place during their off-campus living period.

ⅱ. Off-campus Accommodation Regulations:

New students who would like to live off-campus can contact rental agents themselves. They should report their addresses to college teachers-in-charge and OSAO timely. For students living on-campus who want to move outside, they should check out first and report the new address to college teachers-in-charge and OSAO timely.

All students living off-campus mentioned above should go to the local police station to get a Foreigner Temporary Residence Report within 24 hours of arrival with their passports, lease contacts, copy of the landlord’s ID card and copy of the landlord’s ownership papers, then return to Student Affairs Hall (1st Floor, Jiageng 3 Bldg., Siming campus, 2187232) again with the Report to collect other official documents. As a final step, report the change of lodging with all the given documents to Entry&Exit Visa Administration Office of Xiamen Public Security Bureau within 10 days. Students who fail to obey the rules may receive a warning or a fine up to 500 RMB; serious offenders will be ordered to leave the country within a specified period.