Prof. Dieter Wolf's Team Provides New Insights on eIF3

Posted: 2020-06-30   Visits: 11

The research team of Prof. Dieter Wolf from School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has provided new insights into the protein translation and mitochondrial health, and the research results have been published in Molecular Cell under the title “eIF3 Associates with 80S Ribosomes to Promote Translation Elongation, Mitochondrial Homeostasis, and Muscle Health”.


This article has shed light on a novel function of the important translation initiation factor eIF3 in eukaryotic translation and uses the eIF3e deficiency mouse model to demonstrate that eIF3 is important for maintaining mitochondrial physiological function and skeletal muscle health in mice. The importance of eIF3 to mitochondrial function also creates a new vison and direction for future research and clinical drug development for a number of major mitochondria-related diseases, e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s syndrome, and malignant tumors.


The article is a result of collaboration between the research teams of Prof. Dieter Wolf and Dr. Yang Xuerui from Tsinghua University.



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Editor: Jiaqi Li

Source: School of Pharmaceutical Sciences