“One-Click Rapid Test” on the Horizon for COVID-19

Posted: 2020-02-03   Visits: 10

The novel coronavirus (2019-ncov) all-in-one on-site testing machine, jointly developed by the expert team from Xiamen university and ZS Technology, has completed the internal tests, and will soon initiate its clinical evaluation. This instrument can be used for on-site testing of the novel coronavirus, and no strict laboratory conditions or special training are required. By just feeding in the sample, the instrument can automatically complete the test and produce a report.


Previously, the expert team led by professor Li Qingge and Zhang Yongyou from the College of Life science of Xiamen university has successfully developed the novel coronavirus armored RNA standards, virus lysis and nucleic acid preservation tubes, in addition to the virus nucleic acid extraction kit, and will be clinically applied in the affiliated Zhongshan hospital of Xiamen university in a few days.




The above-mentioned three reagents are must-have materials for novel coronavirus detection, which are in short supply clinically at the current stage. To support epidemic prevention and control, Pro. li Qingge joined hands with Zhishan Biotech Company to ramp up the production. On January 30, they have started to donate armored RNA standards, virus lysis and nucleic acid preservation tubes to relevant CDC organizations and medical institutions at 10000 and 20000 respectively in the first phase. 


This series of research results will provide a whole-process solution covering from sample collection, storage and transportation to automatic extraction and detection. Once put into clinical use, it may significantly alleviate multiple predicaments including challenges of the transportation and storage of samples, shortage of RNA extraction reagents, cumbersomeness of the operation of the traditional PCR reagents, and high demands for the personnel and environment.