“Health Lecture Series—Women’s Health Session” wraps up with success

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On March 13, the “Health Lecture Series—Women’s Health Session” kicked off at the Multifunctional Hall of Lianxing Building. This is an event jointly hosted by the Office of Teacher Affairs, Labor Union, the Women’s Commission and the Office of Faculty Retirement of Xiamen University and organized by the Xiang'an Affiliated Hospital. Present at the lecture were Ye Pengfei, executive vice president of the XMU Labor Union, Jiangyue, director of the Women’s Commission, Wei Liyan, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Party Committee of XMU, Deng Zejun, deputy director of the Women’s Commission, Zhang Guojun, executive director of the Xiang’an Affiliated Hospital, Shi Yulong, deputy secretary, Shao Chen and Cheng Jidong, deputy director of the Xiang’an Affiliated Hospital. Qin Hongmei, vice president of the Labor Union, presided over the lecture.


In his speech, Ye Pengfei pointed out that this lecture series is part of the initiative of the Ministry of Education to organize health-related activities under the theme of “Healthy Campus, Healthy China”, meanwhile, it is also the continuation of the “Healthy XMUer” series of activities. As one of the activities to mark the International Women's Day, this heath session exclusively for women is also the first in its kind organized by the Xiang’an Affiliated Hospital with the purpose to, on the one hand, contribute to the wellbeing of the female faculty, and, on the other, instill in the minds of the teachers and students the notion of “Heath is above all”, the consciousness of sound health as well as the ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

Following that, Prof. Zhang Guojun, executive director of the Hospital, brought the keynote lecture entitled “Breast Health and Disease - Women's Breasts”, introducing the ABC about breast diseases and some self-examination methods. Next, Professor Xie Liangxi, director of Oncology Radiotherapy, gave a lecture entitled “Cervical Carcinoma Vaccine - All You Need to Know”, acquainting the audience with the updates about the cervical cancer vaccine and recommending vaccination for the female faculty and students. The director of the Department of Endocrinology, Dr. Wang Wei, also shared with those present at the lecture hall the information on how to sail smoothly through menopause, which is a topic of great concern for many women. By couching their professional expertise in easily understandable terms, these experts provided answers to the questions that concerned most women in their everyday life.


In the subsequent health consultation session, a team of specialists from the departments of internal medicine, surgery, infectious diseases, pediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine, and ophthalmology of the Xiang'an Affiliated Hospital offered free health consultations for the teachers and students, who queued up in front of the information desk for professional advice. After the event, many faculty members said that they have learned a lot from the lectures, which have greatly enhanced their awareness of health promotion and disease prevention, and they wished to have more opportunities to participate in such health-related activities.


This “Health Lecture Series” of XMU aims to implement the strategy of “Healthy China” underscored in President Xi Jinping’s report to the 19th CPC National Congress. Through a wide variety of activities, this event raised the faculty’s consciousness of healthy lifestyle, enhanced their understanding of different diseases, and armed them with the correct information regarding disease prevention and control, so much so that they could dedicate their efforts to XMU’s “Double Top-tier” construction in better shape mentally and physically.

Edited by: Si Shuting

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