[Conference] Global Humanities Festival and international conference

Posted: 2018-03-01   Visits: 210

To promote dissemination and development of the humanities, to bring together  the fields of the humanities and their interfaces with social and natural  sciences, and to facilitate dialogues and collaborations between humanities  scholars in China and around the world, Xiamen University, together with the  International Council for the Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH) and the  Asian New Humanities Net (ANHN), will host a Global Humanities Festival  and an international conference on Challenges and Duties of Humanities:  Asian and Global Commitments from April 16 to April 20, 2018, at Xiamen  University.

The festival and conference, themed around current challenges and duties of  the humanities, will be composed of a series of academic presentations, open  forums, interactive workshops, and cultural exhibitions. During the festival and  conference, the first formal meeting of the Executive Committee of CIPSH will  take place at Xiamen University.

About 80 internationally distinguished scholars and institutional leaders  will attend this festival and conference. This unprecedented event marks a brand  new stage of collaboration between Xiamen University, CIPSH, and ANHN in  promoting the dissemination and development of the humanities, and creates  unique opportunities for each. Through this event, Xiamen University hopes to  strengthen her interaction and collaboration with CIPSH, UNESCO, and ANHN in a  variety of related fields, to elevate her proud tradition in the humanities to a  higher level, and to bring to the City of Xiamen renewed vigor in the  humanities. 

For more information, please click the link: http://humanityfestival.xmu.edu.cn/