2017 XMU “Top Ten of My Favorite Teachers”freshly minted

Posted: 2017-10-14   Visits: 610



On the evening of September 29, the awarding ceremony of 2017 XMU “Top Ten of My Favorite Teachers” was held in the conference hall on the third floor of Science and Art Center.The ten awarded teachers are from different colleges and schools, including : Ye Benlan from College of Medicine, Fang Ya from College of Public Health, Xie Zhaoxiong from College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chen Mingru from College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Peng Shuijun from College of Economics, Xiong Hui from School of Journalism and Communications, Zhu Qingyuan from School of Aerospace Engineering, Yao Rongqian from College of Materials, Bai Yuntao from School of Management, and Cai Weiwei from College of Physical Science and Technology.


Up to now, this event, jointly launched by the Students’ union and Postgraduate Association of XMU, has been successively and successfully held for 5 years and has received great popularity among teachers and students. Better still, the university empowered its varied college student organizations and classes to fully control every segment of the event including recommending, online voting, awarding. The aim of holding such an annual event is to carry on the time-honored tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education, create a harmonious campus atmosphere and express students’ gratitude towards the hard work of their teachers. At the ceremony, the intro videos of the top ten teachers were played one by one to showcase their impressive achievements and work ethics. Their personal style and glamor deeply charmed those present at the ceremony.


More than 1000 people gathered together to mark this joyous occasion, including Deputy Secretary of CPC in XMU and Vice-President Li Jianfa, Deputy Secretary of CPC in XMU and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection Lai Hongkai, Deputy Secretary of CPC in XMU Lin Dongwei and other leaders from various departments and offices of XMU, as well as teacher and student representatives.