Mirror Mirror on the wall, which university is the most beautiful of all?

Posted: 2016-12-23   Visits: 1955


The December nestled in the vastness of the sapphire firmament ,

 is tinted with fancy hues by dreams of a maid,

Like a child in this little town he scatters sunlight resplendent,

Amidst the idle breeze so leisurely and so sweet.


My beloved Amoy University of unrivaled beauty,

I’m looking everywhere for thee


I seek thee at Jiannan Auditorium on a bright Autumn day,

When the vermillion windows are imbued with golden ray,

And the emerald tiles are glazed with celestial light,

The clouds roll by and the view is such a lovely sight,

Just revel the moment whilst the moment is prime and right.


I seek thee by the Furong Lake, along its curvy shore,

The gentle breeze crooning in the whirling willows galore,

Somehow a layer of mist out of nowhere clouds my eyes,

For countless times I have hurriedly passed thee by,

Yet there you await unfailingly like a harbor to pacify.


I seek thee back in my salad days on the campus,

When I was lost in your labyrinthine path,

There and then you were so enormous in a fresher’s memory,

Your formidable length and width blurred my trajectory,

Like a timid kid I clung closely to your immensity.


Now I think I understand thee,

Realizing that you are also a kid like me ,

As sweet as flowers, as limpid as water,

Like sapphire-blue sky, like love-sick moon.


For you are our dearest little town,

Curling up sleepy-eyed when sunlight streaming down,

Stretching your tiny and tender fingers to prick bubbles.

Sweet dreams stealing into the blue sphere of fantasy


For you are our beloved homestead,

 In here we are jolly, easy, and free from care,

In here everywhere is where dreams set sail.


So go find a tranquil corner off the well-trodden path,

Away from the hustle and bustle I hold thee so close,

Reddened by the fallen petals,

Inebriated by the aroma on my sleeves.



I have no clue how far or how close I can find thee,

Nor I know the water, the moon, or the building or the tree,

O that I could forever walk on the slab road beneath the flamboyants in blossom,

 For I'm so loving you and you are so awesome.

Edited by Luo Shuang