Chief editor of Econometrica Joel Sobel visits and lectures at XMU

Posted: 2016-12-26   Visits: 94

From Dec. 16-19, Professor Joel Sobel from the University of California, San Diego, Editor-in-chief of the top economics journal Econometrica visited Xiamen University at invitation and joined the 2016 International Symposium on Experimental Economics which was jointly hosted by the School of Economics of XMU, Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics and the Key Laboratory of Econometrics (Xiamen University), Ministry of Education. In his keynote speech “Lying Aversion and the Size of the Lie”, he explained how to apply the methods of experimental economics to analyze the correlation between the causes and cost of lying and the magnitude of the lie.


On Dec. 19th, Professor Sobel presented a lecture entitled “AMA on Publishing” for the teachers and students in the field of economics. At the lecture, he cited the example of Econometrica to explain how the submitted papers are reviewed and finally accepted, and instructed the teachers and PhDs of XMU how to conduct researches and get their papers published in international journals  in terms of the publishing process, common errors incurred as well as his valuable advice based on his expertise.


Professor Sobel is a professor of economics at UCSD, and a PhD in Applied Mathematics of UC Berkeley. Currently he is working as the chief editor of Econometrica, the official journal of the Econometrics Society, an associate editor of Applied Economics Research Bulletin and a member of the Editorial Board in Foundations and Trends in Economic Theory.

Edited by: Li Yujie