New findings in research on global warming hiatus

Posted: 2016-11-28   Visits: 61

Mr. Yan Xiaohai, a XMU Professor and a recipient of the Thousand-Talent Program, together with the distinguished scientists from NOAA, NASA, NCAR, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the University of Washington, published the research and review articles with regard to climate change on November 22 in the top journal Earth’s Future.

Earth’s Future is a top-tier AGU-run journal with the highest impact factor among the 20 plus AGU journals. Meanwhile, it ranks 5th across the globe in the area of meteorology and atmospheric sciences, and 6th in the realm of interdisciplinary earth science.

The paper sums up the study of the recent years on the worldwide hot topic of global warming hiatus, and attempts to cast a new light on this issue with the author’s new explanations and predictions, which have aroused great interest among the scientists in the research field concerning climate change. NASA-JPL, AGU, US CLIVAR and the University of Delaware are among the first to report the news, calling for more elaborate research on the frequent onsets of extreme weather events (pl.see the link below).

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