XMU girl adds artsy touches to school canteen food

Posted: 2016-11-23   Visits: 855

Sometimes a simple change of perspective can help us see uncommon in common, even a school canteen is without exception, and the food served there could become an art. Recently, a bunch of pictures of the XMU canteen food taken by a microblogger named “草田了一_1996" hit the Internet, which tickled the palate of the alumni to such an extent that they whined something like  “Just wanna get another bite of the canteen food”.

Born in 1996, "草田了一_1996"  is a XMU student majoring in choreography from the College of Arts. In addition, she is also a big photography buff. It’s has virtually become second nature for her to capture the fleeting beauty surrounding her with her professional camera.



Last week, she took some pictures of the food of the Seashore Canteen of XMU from a unique angle. She matched the plates and tablecloths that she purchased online with the food of varied textures and colors freshly cooked from the canteen, and arranged them in such a stylish and chic manner that a common meal was instantly rendered into an art just like magic.


The nine pictures posted on her microblog has brought waves of easy-breezy vibes to the netizens whose comments are dotted with some interesting catchphrases like “these pics recall so many memories that I must get back to school for another bite” , or “there is no sweetheart in the sweetheart pastry” etc.


Actually it is out of her love deep down for the XMU and her special bond with the canteen that she has taken these pictures. Three years ago, she took her last round of the art college entrance exam in XMU. After which, she made her first visit to the Seashore Canteen and enjoyed a hearty meal there. As luck would have it, she was soon admitted to XMU and ever since then the canteen has become her favorite hangout for appetizing food.


Too much of delicious food may turn into a turn-off, and this could help explain the mixed feelings of most of the XMUers towards the school canteens. As a senior student, she just wanted to spice up a bit the familiar canteen cuisine with some extraordinary ingredients of her own.

Edited by: Meng Ling and Wang Xu