Center for Accounting Studies

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The Center for Accounting Studies of Xiamen University, established in January, 2011, was a research entity directly under Xiamen University, jointly founded by Accounting Division of Ministry of Finance and Xiamen University, based on the Accounting Research Institute of the Accounting Department of Xiamen University, and at the basis of the Accounting Department of Xiamen University.

It is a key research institute for Humanities & Social Science of ordinary Colleges and Universities authorized by Ministry of Education, and national 985 project second-stage innovation platform—the relying unit for finance management & accounting program. The center obtained good achievements at the annual performance reviews of Liberal Arts Key Research Institute organized by Ministry of Education and at the development performance evaluation in 2001-2003 as well.

Accounting Department of Xiamen University was founded in 1924, after several generations of struggle, it has developed into a critical center for national wide accounting research, education & training and consulting services with strong teacher force, reasonable staff age structure and knowledge structure, abundant scientific research results, and excel teaching and research facilities, ranking in the first-class level in our country, and has a certain influence abroad as well.

Xiamen University’s accounting discipline is one of the national key disciplines, the first batch of master and doctoral station, backbone discipline of doctoral program under Business Administration subject of Xiamen University, supporting discipline of Business Administration postdoctoral research station, and one of the Xiamen University 211 Project key construction disciplines as well. During the two reviews of national key discipline in 2002 and 2007, the accounting discipline of Xiamen University ranked first in the all the national accounting disciplines.

The Center cultivates a large number of high quality personnel for China. So far, 130 masters have been trained, 76 doctoral (not included students in school) and 4 postdoctoral have been graduated. Among them, there are the first master and Ph.D in Economics (Accounting) in China, the first Ph.D of accounting in Taiwan, the first Ph.D in auditing, the first accounting Ph.D achieved by female, the first foreign accounting Ph.D and the first accounting postdoctoral. These talents grew up and became the backbone in the national economic construction, scientific research and teaching area, such as presidents, vice presidents, department heads, professors and doctoral tutors of key universities directly under the Ministry of Education. In addition, there are domestic visiting scholars, teachers, senior management in securities exchanges and securities companies, leading finance executives in banks and large and medium-sized enterprises, the financial management of colleges and universities.

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