Graduation Activities-Class of 2016, International Master's Programs at WISE & SOE

Posted: 2016-07-22   Visits: 728

Commencement 2016  

The graduation ceremonies took place on Sunday, June 19th and Monday, June 20th at the Xiamen University Jiannan Auditorium. 7,627 students graduated from Xiamen University this summer. The graduates, accompanied by their parents, attended the ceremony in the presence of President Zhu Chongshi, and professors and staff from various colleges and departments of Xiamen University. 

The ceremony was preceded by a short video, in which teachers sent their best wishes to the graduates and the graduates expressed their love and gratitude to their alma mater, their teachers and their parents. This was followed by the singing of the university anthem, led by a chorus on the stage. 

During the ceremony, President Zhu, on behalf of all XMU staff, delivered an inspirational speech, congratulated the graduates and their families, and thanked their teachers, parents and friends for their great job and strong support. 

Congratulations, Class of 2016!

Farewell Dinner 

On the evening of June 19th, WISE held a farewell dinner to celebrate the successful graduation of the 2016 class with over 300 students and 23 faculty and staff members in attendance. This summer, WISE graduated 314 students, including 9 from the WISE Taiwan PhD Program, 7 from the WISE Doctoral Programs, 40 from the WISE Master's Programs, 14 from the WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs, 207 from the WISE Undergraduate Double Degree Programs, and 37 from the WISE International Undergraduate Experimental Class.

Student Nantume Christine from Uganda received the Best Thesis award for her paper titled Does board heterogeneity matter for firm financial performance. A case study on commercial banks in Sub-Saharan African. (supervised by Professor Brett Graham), while student Han Jihyang, from Korea, received the Excellent Thesis award for her paper titled  Relationship between unemployment rates and suicide rates in OECD countries over 1990-2010” (supervised by Professor Meng Lei). International master's student representative Dim Chukwuma Chijioke gave a valedictory speech on behalf of the WISE-SOE International Masters program graduating class. 

Group Photos

The graduating class of 2016 was lucky enough to be photographed by Xiamen Daily Newspaper Chief photographer, Mr Fan Yao, and they appeared in the City News Section of Xiamen Daily on June 20th.

More about these students and their experiences in the WISE-SOE International Master's Programs can be found at: