[Lecture] Diabetes, Obesity and the Central Role of the Adipocyte in Maintaining Systemic Lipid Homeostasis

Posted: 2016-09-11   Visits: 42

Lecturer: Philipp E.  Scherer, Ph.D.

                 Professor, Department of Internal Medicine,

                 Gifford O. Touchstone Jr. and Randolph G. Touchstone,

                 Distinguished Chair in Diabetes Research,

                 Director, Touchstone Diabetes Center,

                 The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Date: Sep. 19, 2016 (Monday) 

Time: AM 10:30 

Venue: 5th Lecture  hall, School of Life Sciences

Invitor: Prof. Shengcai Lin

Contact person: Denghong  Xu

Tel: +86-592-2880325