Jian'nan Complex and Shangxian Field

Posted: 2016-09-14   Visits: 1099

Mr. Tan Kah Kee chose the location of Jian'nan complex so that people can see these buildings as soon as they sail into the harbor from the ocean. The 5-building complex, built between 1952 and 1954, was founded by Tan’s son-in-law, Lee Kong Chian. The names of the five building are (from left to right) Chengyi, Nan'an, the Jian'nan Auditorium, Nan'guang and Chengzhi. Among them, the Jian'nan Auditorium is the largest hall in XMU.

The five buildings stand solemnly on the mountain slope and Shangxian Field is just below. Shangxian Field possesses a magnificent view. It gained the name Shangxian (first quarter moon in English) because of its shape. The stone stadium can hold 20,000 people. The field was once the training field of the navy in Qing dynasty. 

The Shangxian Field has greatly improved the training conditions of P.E. lessons, providing a glorious place for the football players and runners.