Center for Macroeconomics Research of Xiamen University

Posted: 2016-09-02   Visits: 740

Founded in September, 2001, Center for Macroeconomics Researh of Xiamen University is a comprehensive research organization integrating the strengths of major scholars of Xiamen University in the field of macroeconomics. In February, 2005, it is approved by the Ministry of Education as a key research base of humanities and social sciences of higher education institutions. It is also a supporting unit for "Analysis and Predications of Macro Economy" Project---a second-stage innovation base of the national "985 Program".

The center focuses on thre branches: socialist economic systems and macroeconomic operations, theories and policies of public finance and finance, and national economic accounting & quantitative analysis of macro economy, which are in line with the National Key Disciplines of political economics, public economics,  and finance and statistics, and are the leading economic research branches of Xiamen University with particular academic competency.

Major achievements by the three research branches.

(1) Socialist economic systems and macro economic operations;

(2) Theories and policies of public finance and finance;

(3) National economic accounting and macroeconomic quantitative analysis.