Xiamen University's New Vessel (XNV)-Tan Kah Kee launched on May 8th

Posted: 2016-05-08   Visits: 341

After more than a year of construction, Xiamen University's New Vessel (XNV)—Tan Kah Kee was launched on May 8th. The Tan Kah Kee will not only be the first oceangoing vessel in the history of XMU, but also will be one of the main vessels for Chinese deep-sea research in the coming decades.

President Zhu Chongshi said Xiamen University has deep relations with the sea. We have unique geographical advantages in marine science research. In 1946, Xiamen University established the first Marine Department and become the birthplace of Marine Science in China.

The research vessel, President Zhu says, is an important platform for Marine Science research. It is the most important part of research capability construction, and will be powerful support for the promotion of Marine Science education. Today, upon the successful launch of the New Vessel—Tan Kah Kee, we wish that Xiamen university will carry forward the dreams dreamed by generations of people in Xiamen University and spread the ‘Jia geng’ Spirit to the world.