Xiamen University Malaysia targets students in ASEAN countries

Posted: 2016-04-08   Visits: 69

    On 6 April, Sino-ASEAN Secondary School Principals Forum was held in Xiamen University. Nearly 100 principals from 68 top secondary schools in 10 ASEAN countries and 17 key secondary schools from 7 provinces of China attended the forum.

    The forum focused on the topic “Internaitonalization of education and cultivation of students”, discussing the problems about the interlinks between secondary schools and universities in education. In his speech, Wang Ruifang, chancellor of Xiamen University Malaysia, introduced the audience to the construction of Xiamen University Malaysia, programs designing, diploma categories, and the goal the school will achieve in the long run.

    Xiamen University has a good cooperative relation in education with ASEAN countries. At present, 531 students from ASEAN countries are studying in Xiamen University. These students have been one of the most active foreign student groups. This kind of forum, one in 2008, one in 2011 and one in 2013, were significant to the improvement of the source of students and the quality of education.