Xiamen University Malaysia Campus Open for Enrollment

Posted: 2016-01-12   Visits: 623

    According to the report by www.xinhuanet.com , Xiamen University Malaysia Campus(XMUMC) is now open for enrollment. The campus would be open for visiting and consultation from 17 Dec. 2015. The beginning of the school is expected on 22 Feb. 2016, Wang Ruifang, dean of XMUMC, said on 3 Dec. 2015. at the press conference in Sepang, Malaysia.

    The first enrollment for 2016 is 500 students and it is expected to have 5000 students in 2022, while the total number of students in the long run is 10,000. Students are mainly from Malaysia, China and other countries, with various cultural backgrounds, said Wang Ruifang.

    According to Wang, one third of teachers are professors from Xiamen University, and the rest vacancies are open for recruitment of teachers around the world. 80% of the teachers have doctorate. There will be programs for undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD students. Diplomas are conferred by Xiamen University, which have been authenticated by Chinese and Malaysian governments. Graduates are qualified to choose to work or to further study in China or Malaysia.

    The programs for the first enrollment cover Medical Science, Finance, Engineering and Social Science which offer ten subjects for undergraduates.

    Xiamen University was set up in 1921, financed by Tan Kah Kee, an overseas Chinese, while XMUMC is the first campus set up overseas and financed by Xiamen University, one of the top universities in China. It is also the first overseas school of China, with a campus of its own and a floor area of 470,000㎡ on the total area of 600,000㎡.