7322 students graduated from Xiamen University in 2015

Posted: 2015-08-28   Visits: 416

    From 20 to 21 June there were four commencements held in Jiannan Auditorium. 4481 undergraduates, 2464 MA students and 377 PhD students attended the ceremony and received their degrees and diplomas conferred by Zhang Yan, the Party Secretary, Zhu Chongshi, the president,and other deputy leaders of the university and leaders of colleges.

    The ceremonies were full of excitement and happiness.The big screens were displaying moving moments which reflect the good time the students enjoyed during their stay on campus, the friendship between the students and their teachers, their gratitude for their teachers and teachers’good wishes for their future.The ceremonies were climaxed with a group of students leading the audience to sing the school song.

    In his speech, President Zhu Chongshi expressed, on behalf of the staff of the university, congratulations on the students’ graduation and best wishes for their future careers, as well as thanks to teachers, parents and friends who devoted their efforts to support the students.

    Starting with his experience in getting along with a 90-year-old alumnus,who has been devoted to his profession and kept learning for more than sixty years, President Zhu Chongshi encouraged the graduates to become well received by the society and colleagues under the guidelines as “do solid work, be patient for opportunities, be simple in life, be ambitious for great jobs, be able to deal with triviality well, be self-disciplined and respect others.”

    He said the six words of the school song has influenced the old alumnus in the past decades, i.e. Knowledge is in-exhausted, love is boundless. He hopes graduates to remember the six words wherever they go and whatever they do, keeping learning and spreading love.

    At the end of his speech, President Zhu hopes the graduates to take the university as a stop in life. When they are tired, they can come back for a rest and refreshing. He also hopes that the graduates take the university as their sincere friend who would be happy and clap for their success and get ready to offer help when they are in need.

    In the backdrop of the song, a grateful heart, all the attenders bow to thank teachers representatives, laboratories assistants, libraries clerks, administrators, support crew, parents and friends for their support to the graduates during their study in the university.