Associate Professor Li Liangcheng, College of Pharmacy, and others Make Discovery

Posted: 2014-01-22   Visits: 260

Associate Professor Li Liangcheng from the College of Pharmacy of XMU, together with some researchers from the College of Medicine of University of Illinois, Chicago, recently announced the discovery of a critical gene in the mechanism of diabetes onset. Their research was published in the top academic journal in the field, Diabetes.

This study is significant in revealing the pathogeny of diabetes. Diabetes is chronic condition and large numbers of individuals are diagnosed with the condition worldwide. Prevention and management of diabetes is a topic of increasing importance. Therefore, this research attracted extensive attention and triggered an intense discussion. Over 50 national and international media have broadcast this discovery including the website of the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education, UIC News, Science daily, Yahoo News, Medical Daily, Herald Scotland,, UK news.

(School of Pharmaceutical Sciences)