Two National Prizes for Natural Sciences, One International Scientific Cooperative Prize

Posted: 2014-01-10   Visits: 253

On January 1, National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held at Great Hall of the People, Beijing. Leaders of the party and nation, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan, Zhang Gaoli attended this conference and delivered the prizes. Two of Xiamen University's (XMU) achievements won second prize in national natural science award, one cooperative partner professor won international scientific cooperative prize, which was a historic breakthrough.

The annual great event is a feast in the field of science and technology. Prizes include the State Highest Science and Technology Awards, State Natural Science Award, State Technical Innovation Award, National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and international scientific and technological cooperation.

The achievements we made are in bioscience and physical chemistry: the research group led by Prof. Han Jiahuai, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dean of the School of Biological Science, on the topic of "Research on TNF induced meronecrobiosis cell's mechanism", and research group led by Prof. Sun Shigang on "Research on electronic catalyzer surface's structural effects, designed synthesis and reaction mechanism".

Prof. Wang Zhonglin,a world-renowned nanotechnology scientist and also a foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Science and European Academy of Sciences, has won international scientific cooperative prize. Since 2006, Prof. Wang has found intensive cooperation relationship with State Key Laboratory for Physical Chemistry of solid surface (XMU) Both sides train talents together and work on international cooperative projects launched by Ministry of Science and Technology. In total, they have published 15 articles, including 1in Science and 1in Nature. Prof. Wang is also an international consultant of this laboratory, and has proposed constructive advices for the development of this laboratory. Prof. Wang's application for the cooperative prize listed Xiamen University as the first cooperation unit.

2013 National State Science and Technology Prizes were given to 10 scientists and 313 projects. Academician of Chinese Academy of Science and alumnus of Xiamen University Zhang Cunhao, Scholar of " atomic and hydrogen bombs and man-made satellite" Cheng Kaijia won the State Highest Science and Technology Awards. Since 2006, Xiamen University has won 6 times of the State Science and Technology Prize. Generally, it is unusual for a university to win two prizes within one year.

(Text by Li Jing, Office of Communications & Ruan Liyan, Office of Science and Technology)