The construction of Xiamen University Ocean Scientific Ship Starts

Posted: 2014-01-22   Visits: 200


Xiamen University will construct a 3000 tons Ocean Scientific Ship for research in the 21st century, nurturing the future talents, serving the community and cultural heritage. This ship is designed through Sino-foreign cooperation, and the construction has started.

The total length of this ship is 77.70m, with a waterline of 75.20m, a width of 16.24, and a depth of 8m. The draft is 5m, and the displacement is 3432 tons. The highest speed can reach up to 14 knots, the cruising distance is 10000 sea miles, and the duration day is 50.The fixed number of passengers is 54 (18 crew members and 36 scientists). The area of board is 432 square meters and the lab rooms cover an area of 375 square meters.

This ship has advantages in "environmental-friendly, multi-usage, clean and quiet", it also have main features in multi-tasking, scientific research and education in non-icy oceans. With electronic-engine, the location accuracy is high during oceanic observation. The release and manipulation ability is also outstanding. Equipped with high-performance acoustics instruments, this ship is able to research in inter-discipline research in hydrology, chemistry, biology, geological physics, and atmosphere-related disciplines. Further, it is able to conduct simultaneous observation and on-spot scientific research, as well as distant high-speed information transmission.

Xiamen University will use "Sino-ASEAN Oceanic Academy" as an opportunity, to utilize its disciplinary advantages in international reputation, so as to make this ship an oceanic Confucius College. This ship alsoaims at promoting the climate change research , oceanic education and oceanic technology exchange,in ASEAN areas and consequently promotes the Chinese civilization.

(Text by Chen Lang)