Hundreds of Overseas Students Moves to Xiang'an Campus

Posted: 2014-02-28   Visits: 150

Xiang'an Campus welcomed a group of new overseas students at the beginning of our spring semester.

In the afternoon of February, 26th, the commence ceremony of 2013-2014 Spring Semester for Overseas Education College was held at room B-102, Kunluan Building, Xiang'an Campus. After this ceremony, Overseas Education College also had an orientation for new students.

To provide better help for these new students, staff and students of Overseas Education College made every effort to make the preparation work simpler, like booking places, making posters, arrange processes, etc., so as to provide these new students with more efficient and effective check-in process. In future, the Overseas Education College will continuously provide overseas students with better study environment, in order to accommodate them into life and study of Xiang'an Campus and set up an international studying environment.

(Overseas Education College)