2017 Marxist Economics Summer School inaugurated at XMU to mark 150th anniversary of Das Kapital

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On July 18, the “2017 Marxist Economics Summer School—Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of Das Kapital ” was inaugurated at Xiamen University. This event was co-hosted by the XMU School of Economies, the Wang Yanan Institute of Studies in Economies (WISE) and Gregory and Paula Chow Center for Economic Research of XMU and undertaken by XMU Center for Political Economics Research. Lasting for five days, the summer school has invited renowned experts at home and abroad to give lectures to 150 trainees including college teachers and students from varied tertiary education institutions nationwide who are engaged in the studies of economics, politics, Marxist philosophy and other related subjects in an effort to bring the latter up to speed on the latest development of Marxist political economics.


At the outset, Prof. John Roemer from Yale University delivered the first lecture to the participants on the topic of “Class and Exploitation in a Peasant Economy”. Prof. Roemer illustrated with simple economic examples to show how exploitation and class came into being and how the unequal relationship of capital gradually formed in history.


The second one entitled “A political economics analysis of some hotspot issues during China’s economic globalization” was lectured by Prof. Hong Yongmiao. Prof. Hong indicated that now it is urgent to come up with new scientific answers in theory in order to effectively cope with various difficulties and risks that may arise during the reform and opening up. In the following fourteen lectures, the invited experts will bring over more juicy contents to the summer school.


On July 22, the 2017 High-level Forum on Political Economics, a very important part of this summer school, is to be held at the Economics Building. At which time, some guests of honor and trainees would explore in depth a broad spectrum of questions and problems in relation to political economics.

Edited by Fu Chenyun and Gao Huaxue

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