XMU Prof. Chen An among first inducted into national think tank Liaowang Institute

Posted: 2017-07-15   Visits: 122

RecentlyProf. Chen An from the School of Law of XMU was among the first specialists to join the board of Liaowang Institute on invitation.


Liaowang Institute is a national think tank under Xinhua News Agency dedicated to professional research mainly focused on public policy. China's top-tier experts from various fields are brought together by this non-profit organization, whose core function is to offer professional insights and counseling to the decision-making sections at varied levels, and help the journalists and researchers to make speedy connections with relevant specialists.


Prof. Chen An is a world-renowned jurist who had laid the theoretical foundation for the international economic law with Chinese characteristics. He had been successively elected as the president and the honorary chairman of Chinese Society of International Economic LawCSIEL), of which he is the co-founder. He  had also served three times as the arbitrator of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), a leading international arbitration institution devoted to resolving disputes between states and foreign investors. Up to now, Prof. Chen An has been conferred over 30 awards at both national and provincial level for his research achievements par excellence. Among numerous honors, he was awarded the honor title of National Prominent Jurist in 2012 and won the Outstanding Achievement Award of Xiamen University in 2015.



Prof. Chen has authored a series of seminal books on International Economic Law, including The Voice from China: An Chen on International Economic Law,  An Chen on International Economic LawA Humble Opinion on International Economic Law as well as other works, many of which have been selected as the textbooks or references for Chinese law students. Moreover, he is the founder and editor-in-chief of Journal of International Economic Lawwhich has been well received among legal experts at home and abroad.

Edited by Liu Lu & Deng Haishan

source: http://news.xmu.edu.cn/7c/2a/c1552a293930/page.htm