Zelanian delegation from Victoria University of Wellington visits XMU

Posted: 2017-07-12   Visits: 74




On the morning of July 5, Grant Guilford, President of Victoria University of Wellington headed a delegation to visit Xiamen University.  Zhu Chongshi, President of XMU, met with the guests. Both sides signed a memorandum on a new round of cross-school partnership, and had in-depth discussions on relevant cooperative issues with regard to disciplinary construction, joint student training programs and the further development of the Confucius Institute.


President Zhu recalled the history and mentioned that the Victoria University of Wellington is one of the earliest prestigious universities in abroad that have built partnership with Xiamen University. Both schools have enjoyed a long history of friendship and kept close cooperation for decades, and the Confucius Institute, in particular, epitomized such inseparable link between the two sides. Mr. Zhu expressed the wish to further expand current areas of cooperation, including but not exclusive to the domains of marine science and eco-conservation; to integrate superior resources from both sides and to enhance cross-disciplinary communication in a bid to propel mutual development of both schools. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhu also hoped that XMU Malaysia Campus (XMUMC) could serve as another important platform in the future for exchanges and cooperation between the two universities, and both sides could join hands to participate in and push for the construction of the “One Belt One Road” initiative.


Prof. Grant Guilford showed his concern for the status quo as well as the prospect of XMU. Through the visit, he gained a better understanding of the disciplinary strength of our university, thought highly of the internationalization of XMU, and expressed the willingness to strengthen the ties between two sides in the fields of advanced education, arts and humanity and so forth. Meanwhile, Prof. Guilford noted that the Victoria University of Wellington will strongly support the construction of XMUMC in such aspects as teaching, curriculum construction, faculty etc in the days to come.

Edited by Qian Yingqi,Du Xueyang

Source: http://news.xmu.edu.cn/7b/53/c1552a293715/page.htm