XMU contributes to UNESCO-IIEP's IQA report

XMU contributes to UNESCO-IIEP's IQA report

Posted: 2017-07-01   Visits: 81

Recently, the UNESCO International Institute for Education Planning (UNESCO-IIEP) officially published a report entitled Exploring Good and Innovative Options in Internal Quality Assurance in Higher Education (IQA Project) in which XMU had participated.


The case studies involved eight universities from China, Austria, Kenya, Germany, Bahrain, Bangladesh, South Africa and Chile, which shared in this report their different development paths, as well as the implications and experiences with regard to the IQS system, providing for the first time the guiding principles and exemplary cases for the assurance of the global education quality, and laying a solid foundation for the promotion of teaching quality and graduate employability.


It is worth noting that XMU is the only higher education institution (HEI) in East Asia involved in this research project, which proved to be a great opportunity for Xiamen University to optimize its IQA system from a global perspective. As a result, the upgraded IQA system of XMU, with the annual self-evaluation as the major "handhold", incorporated three cardinal development concepts regarding quality assurance, i.e., “putting students first”, “achievement orientation”, and “sustainable quality improvement”, encompassed four systems, namely goal cultivation, quality assurance, quality control, and quality feedback, which formed an organic cycle among themselves. In addition, by adopting an optimized sophisticated set of indexes (including adaptability, assurance, effectiveness, degree of satisfaction, and achievability) and applying dynamic mining and analysis to six dimensions of data (student resources, educational background, daily quality monitoring, classroom teaching evaluation, state of teaching, follow-up investigations of graduates), XMU has established a diversified, systemized, globalized and standardized IQA system that not only meets international standards, but also integrates Chinese characteristics with XMU pedigree.


The official publication of this report facilitated the global spread of the success story of XMU’s IQA system. Up to now, XMU has successfully created an innovative personnel training mode that is fully-fledged with “four wings”, namely integration of learning and self-cultivation, unity of knowledge and practice, appreciation for individual differences, and all-rounded development. With its roots deep in the earth of China, Xiamen University will stay on its path of becoming a top-tier world-class university with its unique features and traditions.

Edited by Yang Min & Yin Jingtong

Source: http://news.xmu.edu.cn/68/2c/c1552a288812/page.htm