XMU robot team garners first prize at Robocon

Posted: 2017-06-19   Visits: 135



On June 11, the 16th National College Robot Contest (Robocon for short) lowered its curtain in Zou Cheng, Shandong Province. Xiamen University robot team successfully made it to the national top four, bringing home the first prize and the second runner- up.


As a top-flight contest in the realm of robotics for college students in China, Robocon boasts a very high level of difficulty and complexity and serves as an important platform for college students of today to showcase their hands-on skills and their ability to apply high and new technologies. It is reported that a total of 148 colleges and universities nationwide signed up for the contest and 83 of them met the qualification for it, and in the end 32 teams successfully entered the national finals.


This contest has been showered with media attention, including China Central Television, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service, ifeng.com, sina.com, chinanews.com, and the official weibo of the Central School of China  Youth League, all of which have made reports and introductions about this event.

Edited by Fan Zhilong & Luo Shuang