XMUMC grabs the headline of China Education Daily

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On June 10, a long news report entitled XMU Ventures Beyond Confines of Sea— A visit to China’s first university that sets up campus in abroad hit the headline of China Education Daily.


The news report unfolded from multiple angles including “Setting up the most outstanding university in Malaysia”, “What challenges will universities meet as trailblazers when going global?” and “What opportunities will the 'Belt and Road' Initiative bring to colleges and universities ?” The report claimed that Xiamen University Malaysia Campus (XMUMC), as China’s first overseas branch school, is a major form for China’s higher education to go global and an important way to raise the internationalization level of education.


The report quoted President Zhu Chongshi as saying that “ We are going to establish one of the best universities in Malaysia,” and “XMUMC shall serve as both a channel for XMU to go global and a window for XMUers to learn advanced foreign management skills and reform with regard to higher education. ”


Edited by: Gao Huaxue


Source: http://news.xmu.edu.cn/61/77/c1552a287095/page.htm