Cross-Straits college students showcase their film works at the onset of flamboyant season

Posted: 2017-06-13   Visits: 85



On the evening of May 26, the teachers and students from Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao gathered at the Science and Art Center of XMU to witness the opening of the 4th Joint Exhibition of the Films and Visual Arts of College Students Across the Straits and XMU Flamboyant Graduation Season Film Fair. Under the guidance and support of the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs of the Ministry of Education of PRC, the event was hosted by XMU and jointly organized by XMU’s School of Journalism and Communication and Collaborative Innovation Center for Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations.


Attending the grand eye feasting event were 137 delegates from as many as 22 colleges and universities including Chengchi University of Taiwan, Tongji University, Hong Kong Baptist University, Macao University of Science and Technology and Fujian Normal University. It is reported that 57 works won their appearance at the exhibition out of a total of 198 entries submitted by approximately 40 colleges and universities from across the Straits, Hong Kong and Macao. And 66 works were selected to be screened at the fair.


The successive exhibitions have invariably served as a platform for college students from across the Straits to showcase their excellent film and TV works, to compete in professional skills and qualifications. Meanwhile, they also provided opportunities and occasions where ideas and thoughts collide and blend, and where relevant college teachers and students are able to learn from one another by communication and interaction and elevate the charm of visual arts in joint efforts. This time, the School of Journalism and Communication of XMU has brought into full play its geographical and disciplinary advantages and took this occasion to go farther down the road of reform and innovation, follow through on the educational idea that “Nurture talents through practice” and guide the college students to bring an idea from concept to reality.




Edited by Long Jin