Vice President Wu Daguang heads delegation to WHO headquarters

Posted: 2017-06-01   Visits: 67


Recently, Wu Daguang, Vice President of Xiamen University led a delegation to WHO headquarters located in Geneva and had a constructive meeting with some senior officials there in a bid to scale up XMU’s cooperation with WHO in research and teaching, explore the feasibility of providing XMU students with short-term internship opportunities with WHO and setting up a WHO collaboration center on the campus of XMU, and speed up the prequalification process of the hepatitis E vaccine developed by XMU.


During his trip, Vice President Wu paid visits to Dr Ren Minghui, Assistant director-general responsible for HTM and Dr Kieny, Assistant director-general responsible for HIS, who both gave their full recognition to the research undertaken by the School of Public Health, XMU in the diagnostic reagents of AIDS and tuberculosis and the vaccines for hepatitis E and cervical cancer. They expressed their willingness to collaborate with XMU in terms of the WHO pre-qualification of the vaccines for hepatitis E vaccine and cervical cancer and the construction of a WHO collaboration center in Xiamen University. Besides, they also expressed the hope that XMU could send high-caliber experts or students to WHO to work or do internships there and play a constructive role in the global affairs in relation to health.


In addition, the delegation headed by WU also visited the Université de Lausanne, Université de Genève and the Swiss Health Science Foundation, and discussed and reached a preliminary cooperation intention with the aforementioned universities in regard to such issues as jointly launching summer camps, sharing online courses, running short-term exchange visits of postdocs and attending health-related forums in Geneva.

Edited by: Wang Xu