XMU graduate students publish 7 papers in prestigious international journals this year

Posted: 2017-05-07   Visits: 62

According to the latest statistics, the SCI papers published by the graduate students of science and engineering from XMU has taken up more than 60 of the sum since 2015, which indicated that the graduate students from XMU have become a force to be reckoned with in the ranks of the formidable army of science and research. Up to now, one third of the year of 2017 has just passed, the postgraduates from XMU have already published 7 papers in such prestigious journals as Science, Nature, Cell, etc., the number of which has exceeded the total of 2016, signifying continuous improvement of our graduate students in their science and research level.


One of the typical cases is a paper entitled “Increase in acidifying water in the western Arctic Ocean”, which was published on Jan. 28 as the cover article of Nature Climate Change by Qi Di as the first author, who is a Ph.D candidate from the College of Ocean and Earth Sciences XMU. Qi’s research showed that global climate change has led to the large-scale expansion of “acidified” water in the western Arctic Ocean during the past 20 years. The achievement is also a joint effort of the research team led by Prof. Chen Liqi and researchers from America.


Another paper entitled “Celastrol-induced Nur77 interaction with TRAF2 alleviates inflammation by promotingmitochondrial ubiquitination and autophagy” was published in Molecular Cell on April 6 by the research group headed by Prof. Zhang Xiaokun from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, XMU. This study discovered the mechanism of metabolic control target of celastrol that is separated and extracted from the Chinese herb Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. f., and this discovery could lead to potential treatment for obesity.


XMU will continue to scale up the research-oriented reform of the postgraduate education in a bid to build a high level research university, cultivate more high-caliber talents and achieve the “bicentennial” goal.

(All data from the article was invoked by the end of Apr. 24th 2017)

Edited by Zhou Jin & Li Zhiruo