XMU celebrates Iran Isfahan University Day with fanfare

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The curtain was lifted on Iran Isfahan University Day at the Science and Art center of Xiamen University on April 7. And the opening ceremony was held in the morning. Among the attendees were Seyed Komail Tayebi, Special Representative of the president of Isfahan University, Fereidoun Allahyari, Head of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Isfahan, Wu Daguang, Vice president of XMU, Tan Shaobin, Assistant to the president, as well as related department leaders, professors, student representatives from both universities.


Mr. Tan Shaobin, as the representative of Xiamen University, extended a warm welcome to the friends who had come from afar, and reviewed the history of cooperation between Xiamen University and Isfahan University in recent years. He pointed out that against the backdrop of The Belt and Road initiative, China and Iran have had broad-based cooperation in various fields. Meanwhile the exchanges and cooperation between Xiamen University and the University of Isfahan are becoming increasingly frequent with the passage of time, which has provided good opportunities for academic discussion, research collaboration, talent flow etc. between the two universities.


Mr. Seyed Komail Tayebi said in his speech that he hoped he could take this precious opportunity to enhance cooperation in more areas. He also expressed his hope that “XMU day” could be held on the campus of the University of Isfahan in the near future. In addition, he emphatically introduced to the attendees the University of Isfahan in terms of its history, location, departments, research center and globalization.


On behalf of Xiamen University, Prof. Wu Daguang exchanged presents with Mr. Seyed Komail Tayebi.  Citing his own experience of visiting the University of Isfahan in 2009, Wu talked about how the “24/7 library” in the University of Isfahan has inspired Xiamen university as a research-oriented university. He said that University of Isfahan is the first sister university of XMU, it serves as a window for XMU teachers and students to get a better understanding of Iran. He hoped that the two universities could strengthen their partnership and communication in the days to come.



Edited by Guo Yanyan and Li Yujie

Source: http://news.xmu.edu.cn/24/dd/c1552a271581/page.htm