About Engineering Research Center of Electrochemical Technology, Ministry of Education

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The Center (Engineering Research Center of Electrochemical Technology, Ministry of Education) associated with Xiamen University was authorized by Ministry of Education in 2006. Meanwhile the center has obtained strong supports from Department of Science & Technology of Fujian Province, Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and the government. Faced with the needs from national economy and local industry, the center has done a lot of research and development  on high-tech engineering  in electrochemical industry field such as electrochemical power sources, electro-deposition and surface treatment, corrosion science, biochips and advanced electrochemical instruments.

There are more than 30 full-time teaching & research staff in the center (including 10 contracted researchers such as senior engineers and so on. Prof. Tian Zhaowu (academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the CAS) and three professors being technical leaders. The research group is composed of two academicians of the CAS, one distinguished professor of "Yangtze River Plan", five winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, four distinguished professors of Xiamen University, eight professors / doctoral supervisors, and more than ten associate professors/senior engineers.

Major Research Projects

        1. Eco-friendly Electroplating/New Techniques of Chemical Plating

        2. Metal Material Surface Treatment Technology

        3. New Electrochemical Supercapacitor

        4. Lithium-ion Battery and Related Materials

        5.New Electrochemical Instrument

        Up to now, several new engineering technologies have bee explored with companies in an R & D platform ( ~ 2500 m2 ) located in Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone( Xiayan District), which is provided by the the government of Xiamen City.

Target in the Near Future:

1.To set up a strong R & D team, including excellent young researchers. It is expected that there will be more than 50-80 R& D engineers and 100 PhD/MSc students in the center in 3 years.

2. To build strong and innovative R & D/production department, and industrialize advanced electrochemical technology into the manufacturing industry. About ten high-tech projects will be commercialized in the near future.

3.To set up modern and efficient management system in the research center.